GTE Toolkit

Getting to Equity in Obesity Prevention (GTE) Toolkit

Community/Stakeholder Engagement

Community Power

The GTE aligns with the concept of “community power” to address longstanding power imbalances that contribute to health inequities and exclude or marginalize community voices in decision making processes

Because of such factors as racism, poverty, language barriers, and immigration status, low-income, minority, and other disadvantaged population groups often are underrepresented, and their concerns marginalized in decision-making processes that affect their day-to day-opportunities and livelihoods.”

Source: Institute of Medicine, Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention, Summary, page 7, 2012
Read more: link to Iton et al article 


Community/Stakeholder Engagement

This table captures various levels of community engagement – using the GTE framework requires at least the “Involve” level with aspirations for collaboration and shared leadership and ownership